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Flash 52 [6] - Daddy's Need

Flash 52 [6] – Daddy’s Need

“What do you think, pumpkin?” Rob looked up from his drawing, waiting for his step-daughter’s input. As the author of their popular online comic, The Vengeance, her opinion meant the world to him. He was just the lowly artist who sketched what she imagined. It was her story-telling skills which breathed life into his drawings.

Leaning over him, she gazed down at the half finished drawing of Kragon, the dark hero of their story. He was crouched down, his dark wings spread as he contemplated what was in front of him. He looked ready to devour something or someone.

“Something is off, Dad. He looks like he’s hungry or something. Not like he’s lusting after Jasmine.” She traced a blunt finger over the expression on Kragen’s face. “I don’t see desire here.”

He raised his brow, glancing up at his daughter’s profile. She was all of twenty-three but what did she know about a man’s desire? He was almost tempted to ask but was uncomfortable with the idea of his little girl being intimate with any man. As far as he was concerned no man was good enough for her. “Trust me, Amanda, he’s not hungry for food. He’s aroused by what he sees.”

She sighed before flopping down in the chair across from his drafting table. “Dad, I’ve never once seen that expression on a man’s face when he’s horny. You never looked at mom that way.”

Pushing back from his desk, he approached her. “Your mother…” he shrugged his shoulders, not sure how to put into words that his wife had refused to let him into her bed after the marriage – no matter what he’d said. Pushing the thought from him mind, he sighed. “This isn’t about your mother and I. This is about how you perceive what I’ve drawn. I think you’re mistaking a basic lust for a deep seated need. There’s a difference between a boy leering at you because he wants in your pants, and a man staring at you because he can’t think of anything other than claiming you – pleasuring you.”

She shoved her hands through her shoulder length ginger hair. “I’m not naïve. I’ve had a couple boy-friends and they’ve never once looked at me like that.” She stood up to pace back and forth between the desk and the door. “Not even Adam.” Her shoulders slumped and once more he wanted to go and find the son of a bitch who’d dare leave his little girl at the alter last spring.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “How do I convince you, Amanda? A boy who wants nothing more than to get in your pants is thinking of nothing but his own pleasure and it comes across his face like this.” He gave her a leer, he’d seen more than one boy give his step daughter. She giggled.

“Now that I’ve seen before, Dad.”

He nodded. “Yep. Horndog the whole way. A man wearing this expression wants nothing more than to get laid.” He turned around to return to drafting table.

“What about the other look?” She asked softly. “Aren’t you going to show me that one?”

He froze, his heartbeat accelerating. “I don’t think so, pumpkin.” He couldn’t, no wouldn’t journey down this road with his sweet little girl. She deserved more than an old man’s lust.

“You want to keep Kragen the way he is?” She came up behind him, placing her hands at his waist. In his pants his cock jumped. “I…I guess so.”

“Then show me, or you’re going to have to redraw him the way you just looked, because I honestly don’t believe he’s doing more than contemplating what his next meal is going to be.”

Rolling his head on his shoulders, he grasped the pencil between his fingers and prayed what he was about to do wouldn’t backfire in his face. “Fine.” He took a deep breath and then looked over his shoulder at her, allowing all the pent of desire, lust and need he’d felt for her since she was eighteen show on his face.

Her eyes widened in surprise and a gasp passed her pink lips. Deciding it was enough, he tried to reign himself back in but when he couldn’t, he turned away, trying to get a grip on himself.

“Holy shit. Look at me, Dad.” Her hand grasped his arm and jerked him around. He stumbled slightly before righting himself. Standing there, looking so much like her mother had when he’d first met her, he swallowed his groan.


“Is it real – the look you just gave me?” Her hand was propped on one hip.

He closed his eyes, unable to risk putting himself out there. This was his sweet Amanda. If she rejected him the same way her mother had….he couldn’t risk it. So instead he went for flippant. “Do you want it to be?”

“Dad.” She ducked low enough to meet his eyes. “I’m serious about this…” Her cheeks flushed as she brought his hand up to her mouth. “…because if you want me.” She nibbled on his fingertips. “You can have me.”

All the blood in his head rushed to his groin and he jerked his hand back. “What…”

Smiling up at him, she stepped closer. “I…want…you…” Then she pressed her body up against his.

“Amanda…” he groaned as her hand slipped between their bodies to grasp his cock.

“Hmmm….” She nibbled at the side of his neck. “...delicious.” She backed up enough to look into his eyes. “Show me the difference.”

The need to touch, to feel once more consumed him, but he had to try once more for rationale. “Your mother….”

“Is a fool.” She nipped his lower lip. “I want what she has refused.”

With a groan he gave in, swooping into capture her mouth with his. Flicking his tongue across the satiny surface of her lips, he delved inside tasting her, savoring her as he hauled her up against his body. Every nerve ending was alive with need.

“Oh yes, Daddy.” She moaned softly, clinging to his shoulders.

Growling, he lifted her up off her feet, before spinning to set her up on the desk, uncaring that she might be smudging his drawing. Hauling up her skirt, he dropped down into his chair, spread her thighs and buried his face between them. Licking the soft satiny flesh of her inner leg, he lapped at her skin, loving the clean but slightly salty taste. She grasped the edge of the drafting table as he worked his way higher, loving the intoxicating scent of her pussy so close to his face. Finally unable to resist any longer, he hoisted her legs over his shoulders, shoved aside her lacy panties and ran his tongue over her folds, delving deep in search of her essence.

“Oh my god…you can’t! ” She cried out her hips lifting into his mouth, even as she struggled to push him away. Moaning against her he used his arm to press her back down, to hold her still for his mouth.

“Yes I can.” His voice was raspy as he looked up her body. “I need to pleasure you…it’s been so long since I’ve felt a woman’s pussy against my mouth, tasted her creamy folds.” Using his free hand, he shoved two fingers inside of her. “Felt her milk my fingers.”

She shook; her eyes wild as he bent back to her, determined to make her come. Even if he got nothing more out of this, he would see to her pleasure. Parting her folds, he zeroed in on the hard little nubbin at the top of her sex. Breathing on it, he groaned as it swelled even more. “So fucking responsive.” He brushed his tongue over it, loving how she whimpered and tensed in reaction. Around his fingers, her sheath fluttered.

“Daddy…please make me come!” Her plea had him groaning. He’d dreamed of this, of her begging for release.

“Hmmm…” he groaned against her, sucking hard on her clit, lashing it while rubbing his fingers over her g-spot. He wanted her to come for him and hard.

When she began to babble, he knew he had her. Drilling the tip of her clit as he nursed on it, loving the way her thighs trembled against the side of his face.

“Daddy!” she gasped, her body going rigid. He groaned and pulled his fingers free, his mouth clamping over her opening, sucking up all her juices as if she were the sweetest ambrosia he’d ever tasted. When she finally sank back on to the table, he pressed his mouth to her thigh.

“See the difference now, sweetheart?” He asked raising his head, letting the satisfaction, the contentment he felt at giving pleasure show.

Her breath sawed in and out, her face flushed with her release, her blue eyes bright from her release. “Oh, yeah, Daddy.”

Laying his head on her thigh, he sighed. “Good.”

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