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Flash 52 [6] - Daddy's Need

Flash 52 [6] – Daddy’s Need

“What do you think, pumpkin?” Rob looked up from his drawing, waiting for his step-daughter’s input. As the author of their popular online comic, The Vengeance, her opinion meant the world to him. He was just the lowly artist who sketched what she imagined. It was her story-telling skills which breathed life into his drawings.

Leaning over him, she gazed down at the half finished drawing of Kragon, the dark hero of their story. He was crouched down, his dark wings spread as he contemplated what was in front of him. He looked ready to devour something or someone.

“Something is off, Dad. He looks like he’s hungry or something. Not like he’s lusting after Jasmine.” She traced a blunt finger over the expression on Kragen’s face. “I don’t see desire here.”

He raised his brow, glancing up at his daughter’s profile. She was all of twenty-three but what did she know about a man’s desire? He was almost tempted to ask but was uncomfortable with the idea of his little girl being intimate with any man. As far as he was concerned no man was good enough for her. “Trust me, Amanda, he’s not hungry for food. He’s aroused by what he sees.”

She sighed before flopping down in the chair across from his drafting table. “Dad, I’ve never once seen that expression on a man’s face when he’s horny. You never looked at mom that way.”

Pushing back from his desk, he approached her. “Your mother…” he shrugged his shoulders, not sure how to put into words that his wife had refused to let him into her bed after the marriage – no matter what he’d said. Pushing the thought from him mind, he sighed. “This isn’t about your mother and I. This is about how you perceive what I’ve drawn. I think you’re mistaking a basic lust for a deep seated need. There’s a difference between a boy leering at you because he wants in your pants, and a man staring at you because he can’t think of anything other than claiming you – pleasuring you.”

She shoved her hands through her shoulder length ginger hair. “I’m not na├»ve. I’ve had a couple boy-friends and they’ve never once looked at me like that.” She stood up to pace back and forth between the desk and the door. “Not even Adam.” Her shoulders slumped and once more he wanted to go and find the son of a bitch who’d dare leave his little girl at the alter last spring.

He rubbed the back of his neck. “How do I convince you, Amanda? A boy who wants nothing more than to get in your pants is thinking of nothing but his own pleasure and it comes across his face like this.” He gave her a leer, he’d seen more than one boy give his step daughter. She giggled.

“Now that I’ve seen before, Dad.”

He nodded. “Yep. Horndog the whole way. A man wearing this expression wants nothing more than to get laid.” He turned around to return to drafting table.

“What about the other look?” She asked softly. “Aren’t you going to show me that one?”

He froze, his heartbeat accelerating. “I don’t think so, pumpkin.” He couldn’t, no wouldn’t journey down this road with his sweet little girl. She deserved more than an old man’s lust.

“You want to keep Kragen the way he is?” She came up behind him, placing her hands at his waist. In his pants his cock jumped. “I…I guess so.”

“Then show me, or you’re going to have to redraw him the way you just looked, because I honestly don’t believe he’s doing more than contemplating what his next meal is going to be.”

Rolling his head on his shoulders, he grasped the pencil between his fingers and prayed what he was about to do wouldn’t backfire in his face. “Fine.” He took a deep breath and then looked over his shoulder at her, allowing all the pent of desire, lust and need he’d felt for her since she was eighteen show on his face.

Her eyes widened in surprise and a gasp passed her pink lips. Deciding it was enough, he tried to reign himself back in but when he couldn’t, he turned away, trying to get a grip on himself.

“Holy shit. Look at me, Dad.” Her hand grasped his arm and jerked him around. He stumbled slightly before righting himself. Standing there, looking so much like her mother had when he’d first met her, he swallowed his groan.


“Is it real – the look you just gave me?” Her hand was propped on one hip.

He closed his eyes, unable to risk putting himself out there. This was his sweet Amanda. If she rejected him the same way her mother had….he couldn’t risk it. So instead he went for flippant. “Do you want it to be?”

“Dad.” She ducked low enough to meet his eyes. “I’m serious about this…” Her cheeks flushed as she brought his hand up to her mouth. “…because if you want me.” She nibbled on his fingertips. “You can have me.”

All the blood in his head rushed to his groin and he jerked his hand back. “What…”

Smiling up at him, she stepped closer. “I…want…you…” Then she pressed her body up against his.

“Amanda…” he groaned as her hand slipped between their bodies to grasp his cock.

“Hmmm….” She nibbled at the side of his neck. “...delicious.” She backed up enough to look into his eyes. “Show me the difference.”

The need to touch, to feel once more consumed him, but he had to try once more for rationale. “Your mother….”

“Is a fool.” She nipped his lower lip. “I want what she has refused.”

With a groan he gave in, swooping into capture her mouth with his. Flicking his tongue across the satiny surface of her lips, he delved inside tasting her, savoring her as he hauled her up against his body. Every nerve ending was alive with need.

“Oh yes, Daddy.” She moaned softly, clinging to his shoulders.

Growling, he lifted her up off her feet, before spinning to set her up on the desk, uncaring that she might be smudging his drawing. Hauling up her skirt, he dropped down into his chair, spread her thighs and buried his face between them. Licking the soft satiny flesh of her inner leg, he lapped at her skin, loving the clean but slightly salty taste. She grasped the edge of the drafting table as he worked his way higher, loving the intoxicating scent of her pussy so close to his face. Finally unable to resist any longer, he hoisted her legs over his shoulders, shoved aside her lacy panties and ran his tongue over her folds, delving deep in search of her essence.

“Oh my god…you can’t! ” She cried out her hips lifting into his mouth, even as she struggled to push him away. Moaning against her he used his arm to press her back down, to hold her still for his mouth.

“Yes I can.” His voice was raspy as he looked up her body. “I need to pleasure you…it’s been so long since I’ve felt a woman’s pussy against my mouth, tasted her creamy folds.” Using his free hand, he shoved two fingers inside of her. “Felt her milk my fingers.”

She shook; her eyes wild as he bent back to her, determined to make her come. Even if he got nothing more out of this, he would see to her pleasure. Parting her folds, he zeroed in on the hard little nubbin at the top of her sex. Breathing on it, he groaned as it swelled even more. “So fucking responsive.” He brushed his tongue over it, loving how she whimpered and tensed in reaction. Around his fingers, her sheath fluttered.

“Daddy…please make me come!” Her plea had him groaning. He’d dreamed of this, of her begging for release.

“Hmmm…” he groaned against her, sucking hard on her clit, lashing it while rubbing his fingers over her g-spot. He wanted her to come for him and hard.

When she began to babble, he knew he had her. Drilling the tip of her clit as he nursed on it, loving the way her thighs trembled against the side of his face.

“Daddy!” she gasped, her body going rigid. He groaned and pulled his fingers free, his mouth clamping over her opening, sucking up all her juices as if she were the sweetest ambrosia he’d ever tasted. When she finally sank back on to the table, he pressed his mouth to her thigh.

“See the difference now, sweetheart?” He asked raising his head, letting the satisfaction, the contentment he felt at giving pleasure show.

Her breath sawed in and out, her face flushed with her release, her blue eyes bright from her release. “Oh, yeah, Daddy.”

Laying his head on her thigh, he sighed. “Good.”

This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Flash 52 [5]: Sara's Wish

First off let me apologize for the length of this piece. It honestly got a way from me. This is probably would qualify as a short But I hope you enjoy it none the less.


Turning around, Sara couldn’t believe she was actually here. She’d fantasized of coming here so often until her younger step brother Ken had teased her mercilessly about it. But it was worth every penny she’d scrimped and saved over the past five years. The water trickled nearby as the double arched cobblestone bridge spanned the water connecting one side to the other. The French lilacs grew in abundance, their floral scenting the air. Spinning around in a circle she marveled at the thought of actually being in France.

“Sara!” The sound of Ken’s voice had her stopping. “You’re gonna make me sick, if you don’t stop spinning.” Totting the picnic basket on one muscular arm and a checkered blanket over the other, his long dark hair ruffled in the breeze. Dressed in jeans and a buttoned down shirt open at the throat, Ken looked like he’d stepped from between the pages of a romance novel. The fact that he’d graced the covers of many was beside the point.

She giggled as she raced over to him. “I can’t believe we’re here, Ken. Thank you, thank you.” She grabbed his hands, trying to spin her big “little” brother around. “I can’t believe you agreed to come with me.”

He shrugged his wide shoulders, pulling his hands free of hers. “I had a photo shoot scheduled here, so why not let my older sister tag along where I could make sure she doesn’t attract the wrong kind of attention.”

“As if!” she scoffed, grabbing the blanket from his arm. Flicking it out, she spread it over the grass. Once it was spread out, Ken settled on his knees in the middle of it, unpacking the basket. Probably in search of the champagne she’d made sure to pack. It had been one the lures she’d held under his nose to get him to come. Her baby brother did love his champagne. His triumphant ‘ah-ha’ had her smiling as he tugged the bottle free.

As he rummaged around inside the basket for the cork-screw to open the bottle he’d found, she settled down next to him, trying not to attach any significance to their outing. To others, they might look like lovers, they but were anything but….not that a girl didn’t have her fantasies or in this case with her…a wish.


She giggled as the cork flew skyward before landing in the stream. “Well, shit!” Ken groaned, before handing her the spewing bottle. “Here, pour us a glass while I go fetch the cork. The last thing I need is the flics to come after me for littering.”

She wanted to laugh at him, but as he stripped off his boots, her mouth went dry. Even watching her brother toss off something as mundane as footwear could drive everything from her brain, including the French police arresting Ken for littering. Grabbing her flute, she poured a generous amount and downed it, twice before finally pouring her brother a glass.

A moment later there was a yelp as her brother who’d rolled up his pant legs and waded in after the errant cork, slipped and fell on his tight little ass into waist deep water. This time she couldn’t hold it in. She burst out laughing as he cursed soundly.

A few minutes later, he trudged back to her, his jeans soaked and shirt damp from his foray in the stream, but in his hand he held the elusive cork. “Got the little bitch.” Tossing it onto the blanket, he dropped to his knees, jerking his shirt off. “Shit I’m soaked through. If I didn’t think you’d throw a fit, I’d go back to the hotel to change. Wet jeans chafe like a bitch.” He raked his fingers through his hair, disturbing the tie holding it at the nape of his neck.

“Well then take them off.” She suggested, already a bit tipsy on the champagne she’d guzzled while he’d been in the water. She offered him his flute as he stared at her in surprise. Sitting up she snagged a grape from the basket. She’d just popped into her mouth when he chuckled.

“And get arrested for indecent exposure, Sara? I don’t think so.” He sipped at the champagne, his throat working as he swallowed.

“Well it was a thought.” She mumbled, kicking her own shoes off and going in search of more food. “Look at this place, it’s deserted.” Pulling out a loaf of bread and deli meat she arranged it on the blanket. “The concierge at the hotel said with it being off season, that this park is hardly ever used.”

He looked around for a second, before laughing. “You know Miss Sara, if you were any other woman, I’d accuse you of trying to get into my pants.”

“Yeah, I wish.” She mumbled, grabbing her half empty flute.

“What did you say?”

The low growl from her left had her head swinging up to meet his heated gaze. She couldn’t tell if he was angry or aroused. Hoping it was the latter but knowing it was probably the former, she gave him a quirky smile. “I said I wish.”

A frown furrowed his brow. Twisting, she smoothed her fingers between his eyebrows. “Don’t do that. You’ll get wrinkles. And duh – you’ve got a mirror, Ken. You’re gorgeous, sexy and sweet. Any woman would want to get into your pants.”

He caught her hand. “I didn’t ask about any woman. I asked if you wanted to get in my pants.”

She sighed, removing her hand. This wasn’t going to be good. She’d drank just enough that she’d spill the truth and then he’d hate her for the rest of her life. Discretion was definitely the better part of valor. “Perhaps we should go back to the hotel, Ken, so you can get out of those jeans.”

He stuck his lower lip out just like he had as a youngster. “Not until you answer me, Sara.”

She pasted a blank look on her face. “What does it matter? You can have any woman you want, little brother. Your ego is large enough without the knowledge that your big sister may or may not be panting after you.” Kneeling, she reached for the food she’d just unloaded, shoved it, and the champagne bottle back inside the basket.

“Stop it.” The firm tone in his voice made her freeze.

“Can’t we just leave it?” She asked softly, her head dropping forward.

“No, we can’t just leave it. Not if you want me as much as I want you.” Her hand was suddenly pushed against wet denim which was molded over a very impressive erection. She looked up in surprise to find him kneeling on his knees next to her, his gaze hot. “This is what you do to me. You, Sara. No one else.”

“I…” She curled her fingers around him. His hiss was a surprise but she couldn’t get over the idea he might actually want plain little Sara in return. He held gorgeous women against his hard body every day. “I’m fat…Ken. Don’t play with me…”

“Does that feel like I’m playing?” he snapped. “And you’re not fat! You have a woman’s curves…”

“But the models you work with…”

“Are just co-workers. No man wants to go to bed with a stick, Sara. Especially not me.” He tugged at her until she was kneeling in front him, her lips level with his. “I want this…” Using his free hand he cupped her hip, sliding his hand over her gently rounded belly. “And these….” He cupped both of her breasts with his hands. “Not some woman full of sharp angles and bony ridges.” He leaned in until his lips were a mere breathe away from hers. “If you don’t want this stop me….” The words were whispered so close she could feel them.

Her heart pounded. “I…can’t.”

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her up against him, sealing his mouth over hers. She moaned softly as their tongues entwined. By the time he lifted his head, she was panting, her heart racing and every part of her body was crying out for his. She was just about ready to suggest they return to their hotel, when he guided her back down onto the blanket.

“I…maybe…we should….” She arched her back as he shoved her shirt high enough to bare her bra.

“I won’t chance you changing your mind…” he growled before tugging her nipple into his mouth, lace and all.

Threading her fingers through his hair, she groaned softly, feeling each tug in her womb. “Ken!” She cried out when he unhooked her bra, baring her to his gaze.

“Fuck…so full, so beautiful.” He rubbed his cheek over the full curves of her inner breasts. “Want to fuck them…” he groaned.

“Ah…okay.” She whimpered. It wasn’t an uncommon request. Several of her boy-friends had wanted it that in the past.

He growled. “Can’t do that here, too exposed. But when we get back to the hotel…” He squeezed her breasts together until her nipples nearly touched. “…I’m going to fuck these like there’s no tomorrow.” He flicked his tongue back and forth, caressing both tips until she was ready to claw his back in frustration.

“Please….” She rocked up, cradling his body between her thighs, uncaring that the wet denim of his jeans was soaking her light skirt.

Abandoning one breast, he tugged her leg up and over his hip, rocking down, rubbing that delicious erection over her mound. “Shit. I gotta fuck you.” His head tipped forward until his forehead was touching hers. “I can’t wait…” His hand slid up under her skirt, stroking her inner thigh before shoving aside her panties. “…I’ve got a condom in my back pocket, Sara…” his eyes squeezed shut. “…please say yes. It’ll be fast but I’ll make it up to you later.”

When his fingers traced over her folds before plunging deep, she made up her mind. She was going to take the chance – she had to find out. “Yes.”

He leaned back enough to look into her eyes. “You realize that once is going to only take the edge off right. If you let me inside you, I’m going to fuck you every chance I get…”

She nodded. “I’m yours, as often as you want.”

“Shit.” Pushing off her, she watched as he yanked a silver foil out of his back pocket, jerked his fly down, sheathed himself all in a flurry of movements before falling back into her arms.

As the hot length of him pressed against her entrance, she threaded her fingers through his hair. “Kiss me,” she begged.

“Gladly.” His lips took control of hers, just as quickly as his body did. She moaned as he stretched and filled her until she thought she could take no more. “Shh, relax for me, Sara.” His voice sounded tortured. “I’m only half way there. I have to have all of you.”

Half way? She groaned and did as he asked. They both hissed as he seated himself to the hilt.

“Fuck.” His face was lit up with awe. “I can’t believe I’m inside you.”

Licking her lips, she pulled his head down. “Fuck me. Make me come, Ken, so you can take me back to the hotel and make me come some more.” She wasn’t sure where the wanton had come from but it set her brother off.

“Hell yeah.” Tugging her legs up until they were cradled in the crook of his arms, he started moving, thrusting faster and faster.

She whimpered, she panted, she groaned, she even cursed as sensation after sensation built inside of her. She was going to come. Or at least that what she hoped she did. It’d be the first time she’d orgasmed with a man. As the swell grew larger inside of her, she strained for the pleasure she knew was just out of her reach, but when it started, she tried to draw back, but Ken refused to let her go. “I….no…it’s…oh, my God…I…let go…” Tears leaked out of the corner of her eyes.

“Like fuck I will.” Ken leaned over her, his hips like pistons as he slid in and out of her welcoming body, while one thumb found her clit. “Come for me, Sara. I want to feel that little pussy milking me.”

Her eyes rolled back in her head and she wrapped her arms around him, her body convulsing and squeezing as she came apart in his arms. Pure pleasure, sharp and ragged stormed through her until she was oblivious to everything but the man jerking above her in his own release.

When he finally rolled free of her, she couldn’t do anything but lay there, staring up at the blue sky. Every part of her body throbbed pleasantly. She could lay here forever or until.

“Come on, sweetheart. I’m not done with you.” Ken’s voice was filled with gravel, as he shoved their flutes inside the basket. She stared at him, taking in his appearance as he shoved his feet back into his boots. He looked pleasantly mused as if he’s stood in front of one of those wind fans, she thought, as she allowed him to help her up. It made her wonder though, if she could muse him even more.

“Let’s go.” He swatted her on the bottom to get her moving.

“To the hotel?” Her voice sounded strange to her own ears.

His nostrils flared. “Hell yes, the hotel. I’m gonna lock us in until I have to go to work on Monday. I might just let you out then, but don’t count on it.” 

“Works for me.” She suddenly found a burst of energy. “Race you to the car. Loser has to eat the other one.” She didn’t stick around to find out his reaction. She needed all the head start she could get. And maybe, just maybe if she was lucky, she’d get to feel his mouth against her pussy before their vacation was over. 

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Cover Reveal: A Flash of Taboo

So when I posted last I had passed out on the floor in the excitement. Since then I've been a very busy person, finding out about cover art and all that stuff.  But here is the cover for my first published book,  A Flash of Taboo


A brother and his adopted sister, an older sister and her younger step-brother, a older brother and his step-sister - anyway you cut it it's sibling lust. Come join Zin as she explores these fantasies in a series of flash straight off her blog. Meet Erik who's sister wants to welcome in the New Year in spectacular fashion. Or how about Sharon who's been swept away to Hawaii to witness her brother's marriage only to have him end up in her bed on his wedding night. And we can't forget the desperate artist who asks his younger sister to pose, never guessing the price, or Penelope, the younger sister who likes to spy on her big brothers with disastrous results. So take a peek, walk on the dark side with Zin. She might just tempt you.

Special feature: Unseen serial piece called The Farm: A Family Tradition, Part One. ( A Tale of Family Lust.)

This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it to be?

Okay I'm super excited. I have butterflies in my belly and I'm sick to my stomach. I sent in my first book earlier this month.  It's a collection of short stories which feature brother-sister sex but it's a 100% mine. Now I have an email labeled Re: your submission. I am so psyched.  Should I open it? Or should I let it sit there? I'm so nervous I don't know if should or not. Crap now I'm chewing on my fingernails.  Get a grip Zin!  Dakota said this publisher is as forward thinking, that they didn't have an issue with publishing psuedo incest. That they had several other books like mine out. *great pep talk, huh?*  I still don't know if I should open it.  *tentatively clicks on button*  

OMG! OMG! OMG! They are going to publish it! *faints*    


This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flash 52 [4] - Penelope's Punishment

She whimpered as a pair of hands cupped her aching breasts from behind. The familiar scent of her brother’s favorite cologne washed over as he pulled her back against him. Standing in the parts room, she’d been sneaking covert glances as Antonio, the elder of her twin brothers, lugged tires back and forth in their small family owned shop. She couldn’t help it. With his dark hair, glistening skin and bare chest, she was like any other member of their community. Girls left and right dropped their panties at the mere crooking of one of the Vendez brothers, and despite being her lack of true blood ties to her brothers she was no different. 

“I knew I’d catch you in here,” Diego whispered into the shell of her ear, surprising her but as horny as she was she didn’t try to free herself from his forbidden touch. “You’ve never been able to resist peeking on Tony. I bet he’d love to know how you’re back here in the nice cool air-conditioning rubbing your little clitty while he sweats his ass off in the heat.” 

She gasped as he pulled her hand out from between her thighs. “Oh God, Diego, please don’t…” She didn’t know if she was protesting his touch or the fact he knew about what had happened. Her cheeks heated as she remembered the last time Tony had caught her playing with herself when she should’ve been working. Her ass still stung, but not as much as her pussy had. He’d rode her hard after warming her bottom for her peeping tom ways. 

“Hmmm, he was telling me how he found you just last week, sitting in here, all four fingers buried inside your cunt while he was over hauling the transmission in ninety degree heat. That if he hadn’t need more tranny fluid, he’d have never know how naughty our sweet little adopted sister actually was.” 

She cried out as her fingers were suddenly enveloped by his mouth as he sucked her fingers clean. 

“Yum....” he nuzzled the side of her neck before lifting the t-shirt she was wearing above her breasts. Flicking open the catch, he released the cups, exposing her breasts to the cold air. “He also told me how you moaned like a bitch in heat when he slammed his dick inside you after spanking your ass…” he squeezed her nipples. “…how you came all over him, and begged him for more…” He licked the skin between her shoulder and neck before sucking on it. Sensation ricocheted inside of her and her thighs clenched hard. “…it had me jacking off in the shower, because I wanted to be the one fucking your brains out…” 

“I…” She didn’t know what to say to that, now that she’d crossed the taboo line once with Tony. What would it hurt to give his twin, Diego the same liberties? “You can if you want…” She whispered, going all in. “I’d let you…I’ve been a bad girl…” She tried to turn in his arms. A low whine broke free when he stopped her. 

Diego growled softly. “Not so fast, Penelope…if you want what I can give you…you’re gonna have to agree to some terms.” He ground his cock against her backside as he let one hand trail between her legs, before slipping his fingers under the waist band of her shorts. 

“What?” She fought to focus as he found her slippery clit and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger. Pleasure beckoned but she needed just a bit more. 

“That to be with me, you have to be with Tony again.” He eased up a bit before squeezing again, almost mimicking a milking sensation. “Unlike my brother out there, I share everything – including my women.” He nipped her shoulder. “Knowing what you know about him now, do you honestly want to risk it?” His fingers tugged harder. “Knowing he’s more than likely going to bend you over some hard surface and spank you hard for your naughty ways, before fucking your ass while I sink inside your tight little pussy…do you still want to?” 

“Ahhh!” She couldn’t hold it anymore. She came hard, her mind full of images at his words, pleasure turning her inside out until she could nothing more than tremble against his strong body. 

“Naughty little girl. Coming without permission.” She barely heard the words as she floated in the euphoria of release. “But I do believe she likes the idea, Tony.” 

“I do believe you’re right, brother.” 

Panic tried to make a half-hearted attempt to raise its head but she was too out of it to do more than open her eyes to see for herself that he was in the room. Standing with his back to the door, Tony reached behind him to twist the lock, a stern expression on his face. Looking from one brother to the other, her clit throbbed. She’d never dreamed that she could have both. 

“Did you lock the front door?” Diego asked as he slid his hand back inside her panties, fingering her opening. 

“Yeah, even flipped the closed sign on. “ Tony moved closer to where Diego held her, before propping his hands on his slim hips. “So what’s this I hear, you’re being naughty again, Penelope?” 

“I…” She licked her lips, moaning softly as Diego pressed hard against a rough patch inside of her, stroking over a spot that made her want to come again. “…I was…just…” 

“Playing with herself again, while watching you lug tires, bro.” Diego offered, thrusting his fingers faster. 

Tony shook his head. “I told you she was trouble, D. She uses us as her eye candy to get her rocks off, and doesn’t care if she’s nice and cool and we’re sweating our nuts off.” 

“I know you did…” Diego nipped her shoulder once more, the brief pain sending her higher. “…I just didn’t think we catch her this fast.” He pulled away from her, his hands leaving her body. She cried out in protest, but then his words registered on her lust-hazed mind. 

“You were trying to catch me…” 

“Of course. You didn’t think I’d be satisfied with just once did you? I was just waiting for you to be bad again…” Tony’s hands went to his belt, unbuckling it, his voice dark. “Now assume the position.”  

“I…you can’t honestly expect me to bend over and just let you spank me…” She swayed to keep from obeying. 

“Yes, I do.” Tony slipped the belt free from the loops of his pants. He stopped mere inches from her. Close enough for her to breathe him in, but far enough back she could still see the belt dangling from his fingers. In fact, she couldn’t look away from it. Would he use it on her? Her pussy gushed at the thought and she trembled with need even as the thought aroused her. Was she ready for this? 

“Look at me.” The command was surprisingly gentle as his hands wrapped around her upper arms. When she finally lifted her eyes, she saw lust tempered by love in his gaze. “We won’t hurt you, baby. You know that right? If it ever gets to be too much tell us.” 

She nodded. “I just wasn’t expecting it this soon. I thought I’d have time…” 

A grin crossed his face. “You knew the deal…” Tony brushed a finger over her nipple. “…knew what was going to happen if you misbehaved…that I would punish you again. You just weren’t expecting to get caught so quickly….” Palming her breast, he leaned over and took the peak into his mouth, sucking hard – his cheeks hollowing with each draw. She squirmed as it sent a fresh flood of lust to her groin. He was right, she’d agreed to this. There was nothing to be scared of –these men loved her. 

“Tony!” She ran her fingers through his hair, her back arching as she caught a glimpse of Diego stripping out of his clothing from the corner of her eye. 

“Hmmm….” Releasing her captive flesh, Tony straightened, his eyes flaring as he crossed his arms over his chest. “But enough of that. You may be delicious, but it’s still not going to save you.” 

She wet her lips. “I….what do you want me to do…” 

Tony smiled at her. “Over the desk, baby.” 

Moving to the desk she laid down across it gingerly. “Like this?” 

“Mmmm-hmmmm.” His hand squeezed on ass cheek before lightly patting it. “You’re going to be a good little girl and suck Diego while I warm this tush, and then when I’m done, both of us are going to fill you til you can’t take anymore…” 

“Yes, Sir.” She moaned softly as Diego’s cock brushed her lips. 

“Suck me…” His eyes nearly identical to Tony’s stared down at her. Opening wide she sucked him in as the first blow of Tony’s belt hit her denim covered ass, the sting of the belt quickly morphing into pleasure. She truly couldn’t say no to these men.

This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.


Okay I know I've been quiet for a week.  Dakota has been threatening to send Livvy after me with her whip. What can I say?  My normal life got in the way, but I'm back now.  And not only am a bit more relaxed than I was last week, I actually managed to get some writing done!  Which brings us today's topic.  Inspiration!  

Some peeps like to use music for inspiration, while other might find inspiration in the world around them, but in my case I find it from pictures.  Naughty ones, mundane ones, even those beautiful panoramic ones of the Grand Canyon.  I can find something naughty to write about.  In fact, I just finished my Flash 52 piece inspired by a hot picture of a hot sweaty man carrying tires.  And the brain is off and running.  So stop back later to check out my flash piece.  And just for kicks and giggles I've stolen a picture from Dakota site to share...for your own inspiration.  (What she came up with for it really knocked my socks off...for a first time attempt she did a damned good job!)


This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flash 52 [3] - Posing for Brother

Standing behind the easel with brush in hand, Tim sighed as Tabitha shifted again. He knew he should be thanking the stars that his step-sister had agreed to sitting for him, but instead he wanted to strangle her. This art project for his college art class would cinch up his grade if he got an “A” or a “B” on it. But he wanted that “A”. “Dammit, Tabby, you’re not making this easy for me.” He growled, setting aside his brush, leaving the nearly finished painting of a winged horse and woman to rearrange his sister’s arms once again. All he had left to do was paint in the folds of the gown around her arms, but she kept moving, causing the material to shift. 

Looking up at him, her ruby red lips pursed. “I’ve been standing like this for hours, Tim. When are we gonna be done?” 

Rearranging the diaphanous folds around her shoulders, he rearranged her arms to the position he’d wanted. “Look, I’m almost done, or I will be as soon as you sit your ADD ass still.” 

Her small elfin nose flared. “Did you just call me ADD?” Her eyes narrowed. “I’ll have you know I’m perfectly fucking normal. It’s you that’s not normal! Expecting me to stand here for hours!” She placed her hands on her hips. He wanted to scream as the sleeves of the gown once more fell out of place. 

Striving for patience, he met her furious gaze. “I’m almost done. Give me thirty more minutes and your obligation will be over.” He soothed the material back into place after straightening her arms once more with a jerk. “And there is nothing out of the ordinary for a model to sit for several hours while an artist paints. This isn’t a photograph that I can just press a button and we’re done.” 

A red flush filled her face, and he was suddenly glad he’d already finished the face of portion of the painting. It would be a bitch to try to get Tabby to relax again. He was just sitting back down behind the easel when she screamed. “I’m not one of your fucking models, Timothy Anderson! I’m a flesh and blood woman, not some damned statue.” She bent over, removed her shoe and flung it at him. 

Ducking he scowled. “What the hell are you doing?” 

“Getting my point across. Not only aren’t you paying me, I don’t even get the fringe benefits that comes from being one of your models.” She laughed sarcastically. “Don’t think for a moment I haven’t heard the sounds, the moans and groans coming from this room during one of your “sittings”. You fuck your models as a reward for their standing on their heads or whatever it is your little artist’s heart decides upon.” 

He flushed, it was true but it sounded horrible with the way she put it. “They aren’t my sister. I’m a hot blooded man, and I’ve never forced them, Tabby.” 

“I know.” Her expression softened for a moment. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me off knowing at the end of this all I’m going to get is a peck on the forehead and a thanks Tabby for my effort.” She kicked off the other shoe, sending it flying towards him. “And I’m done. No peck is worth this…” 

Panicking at the thought of her leaving, he blurted the first thing that came to his mind. “I’ll take you to dinner…come on Sis, you can’t leave me like this….” 

She shook her head, a pout on her lips. “No. A simple meal isn’t going to do it. Either you pay me the same way you do your other models or I’m out of here.” 

Shock rolled through him, even as his cock hardened behind his zipper. Surely she couldn’t be asking for what he thought she was. “I….you’re my sister – “

“Step-sister,” she corrected.

“…I can’t fuck you…” His mind was suddenly full of images of ripping off the gown and bending her over the table in the corner like he had Karen, his last model. In fact, it had been Tabby's image he’d seen as he’d rode the blonde model. 

“…yes, you can and will, if you want to finish your painting.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “In fact, I’m going to demand payment up front or I’m leaving now.” 

Frantic despite his hard cock, he had to talk some sense into her. Her dad would kill him if he found out that Tim had fucked his darling little girl. And he respected the man too much to give into his base lust. “Aw come, on…your dad will kill me, if he found out.” 

Her gaze was frosty. “I’m a grown woman, and who says Dad will find out? I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment…yet. I just want to find out what has all those other girls in here screaming.” 

He opened his mouth to protest, to say something that would convince her but nothing came out. She scowled and finally shook her head. “I knew it. You’re too chicken shit to take what you want.” Tugging the gown off her shoulders, she allowed it puddle at her waist before shoving it past the flare of her gently rounded hips. When it pooled at her feet, he groaned as all his blood headed south. Standing in nothing more than a tiny pair of white panties, she was gorgeous. And he wanted her. 

“Fine!” Snarling he tossed down the brush he’d just picked up. Grabbing a fist full of t-shirt behind his head, he jerked his paint splattered t-shirt off. Tossing it to the floor, he unsnapped and lowered the zip on his jeans, before shoving them, along with his boxers to the floor. Kicking free of the material, he rounded the corner of the easel, scooping her up. 

“Tim!” She squealed as he tossed her on the daybed in the corner of the loft. Crawling over her, he pinned her in place with his arms on either side of her head as he bracketed her hips with his knees after tearing the tiny panties off her. “This is a one time thing, and Dad doesn’t find out. You hear?” 

She nodded, her eyes wide. 

“Good.” Slamming his mouth down on hers, he thrust his tongue inside. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed. Letting some of his weight fall on her he groaned as the hard tips of her breasts rubbed across his chest. He wanted to taste them. Ripping his mouth free of hers, he pushed her arms up to the head board. “Keep them there.” He ordered wrapping her hands around the iron spindles. Then he swooped down and tugged a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. 

Above him, she squirmed and moaned as he lashed at the captured flesh. Releasing it with a slight pop, he moved over to the other tip, lightly nipping it with his teeth before tugging it in to curl his tongue around it like it was a savory treat. Gently squeezing her other breast with his free hand, he slid a hand between their bodies to test her readiness. He hissed as he found her wet. 

Freeing his treat, he lifted his head to look up at her. “Damn you’re wet. You really want this don’t you?” 

“Yes….please!” She moved to reach for him, but he stopped her. 

“Then you’ll get me, but my way. Now don’t move those fucking hands or I’m gonna stop.” Tim waited to see what she would do. He was an aggressive lover at best, and a dominating one at worse. Could Tabby handle it? 

“I…yes, Sir.’ She shook a bit but tightened her hands around the spindles.

Cursing his nice guy streak, he sighed. ‘You know I’m not going to hurt you, right?” 

She gave him a tumultuous smile. “I…yes, but I might hurt you if don’t fuck me…” Her eyes squeezed shut. “I’ve been aching since you asked me to pose for you.” Her cheeks pinkened. 

“You have?” He taunted as he slide his fingers through her wet folds. “I asked you last week.” 

“I know, “ she wailed. “...I need it…please.” Her blonde hair clung to her cheeks as she rocked forward impaling herself on his fingers. As the muscles tugged at the invading digits, he lost it. He had to feel her wrapped around him. 

“Then so be it.” Ignoring her protest, he pulled his hand free, hooked her knees over his shoulders, centered himself and plunged as deep as he could. A scream echoed through the room, as she bucked up, to unseat him, or get closer he wasn’t sure. His world was spinning as he was encased in living fire. “Son of a bitch…” he tossed his head back as he waited for her to adjust. 

“Fuck me! Don’t just stand there. Move….damnit.” Her voice broke as sexual hysteria washed over her. 

“Grrrr.” He growled, opening his eyes to look down at her. She was beautiful stretched out across the bed, her grip on the bars causing her back to arch and her breast to lift. Flexing his hips, he started a hard driving rhythm against her, uncaring of how it caused the bed springs to squeak. “Tight little pussy.” His chest heaved as he thrust faster. He couldn’t get deep enough, fast enough and if her rising screams were any indication neither could his sister. 

“Omg, omg…” she babbled, a flush rising on her chest. He narrowed his eyes, taking in the sight of her nearly orgasmic expression. She was ready to come, he thought. Tightening his grip on her knees, he bent them forward, hoisting her legs high in the air as he pressed her into the bedding with his weight. The new position sent him deeper as he fucked her harder. 

“Oh shit! I’m coming!” She screamed in his ear. 

“That’s it. Do it.” He rasped skating on the edge of his own orgasm. Just as she fell over the edge, he let himself go, spilling deep inside of his sister, loving the burn of his release as the pleasure buffeted him. As the pleasure racked him, he stared down into Tabby’s pleasure filled eyes, he wondered how he was going to keep this as a one time thing. She was going to be addictive as pistachios, he thought as he collapsed over her, his face in her shoulder as her legs slipped down to his sides.

This post is copyrighted by Zin. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook. All parts of this are created by the author's imagination, research, and/or knowledge. Any resemblance to anything else (person, location, etc) is purely coincidental. No content on Zin's Fantasies may be copied or reproduced without written consent of both the author and Zin's Fantasies.