Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Flash 52 [4] - Penelope's Punishment

She whimpered as a pair of hands cupped her aching breasts from behind. The familiar scent of her brother’s favorite cologne washed over as he pulled her back against him. Standing in the parts room, she’d been sneaking covert glances as Antonio, the elder of her twin brothers, lugged tires back and forth in their small family owned shop. She couldn’t help it. With his dark hair, glistening skin and bare chest, she was like any other member of their community. Girls left and right dropped their panties at the mere crooking of one of the Vendez brothers, and despite being her lack of true blood ties to her brothers she was no different. 

“I knew I’d catch you in here,” Diego whispered into the shell of her ear, surprising her but as horny as she was she didn’t try to free herself from his forbidden touch. “You’ve never been able to resist peeking on Tony. I bet he’d love to know how you’re back here in the nice cool air-conditioning rubbing your little clitty while he sweats his ass off in the heat.” 

She gasped as he pulled her hand out from between her thighs. “Oh God, Diego, please don’t…” She didn’t know if she was protesting his touch or the fact he knew about what had happened. Her cheeks heated as she remembered the last time Tony had caught her playing with herself when she should’ve been working. Her ass still stung, but not as much as her pussy had. He’d rode her hard after warming her bottom for her peeping tom ways. 

“Hmmm, he was telling me how he found you just last week, sitting in here, all four fingers buried inside your cunt while he was over hauling the transmission in ninety degree heat. That if he hadn’t need more tranny fluid, he’d have never know how naughty our sweet little adopted sister actually was.” 

She cried out as her fingers were suddenly enveloped by his mouth as he sucked her fingers clean. 

“Yum....” he nuzzled the side of her neck before lifting the t-shirt she was wearing above her breasts. Flicking open the catch, he released the cups, exposing her breasts to the cold air. “He also told me how you moaned like a bitch in heat when he slammed his dick inside you after spanking your ass…” he squeezed her nipples. “…how you came all over him, and begged him for more…” He licked the skin between her shoulder and neck before sucking on it. Sensation ricocheted inside of her and her thighs clenched hard. “…it had me jacking off in the shower, because I wanted to be the one fucking your brains out…” 

“I…” She didn’t know what to say to that, now that she’d crossed the taboo line once with Tony. What would it hurt to give his twin, Diego the same liberties? “You can if you want…” She whispered, going all in. “I’d let you…I’ve been a bad girl…” She tried to turn in his arms. A low whine broke free when he stopped her. 

Diego growled softly. “Not so fast, Penelope…if you want what I can give you…you’re gonna have to agree to some terms.” He ground his cock against her backside as he let one hand trail between her legs, before slipping his fingers under the waist band of her shorts. 

“What?” She fought to focus as he found her slippery clit and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger. Pleasure beckoned but she needed just a bit more. 

“That to be with me, you have to be with Tony again.” He eased up a bit before squeezing again, almost mimicking a milking sensation. “Unlike my brother out there, I share everything – including my women.” He nipped her shoulder. “Knowing what you know about him now, do you honestly want to risk it?” His fingers tugged harder. “Knowing he’s more than likely going to bend you over some hard surface and spank you hard for your naughty ways, before fucking your ass while I sink inside your tight little pussy…do you still want to?” 

“Ahhh!” She couldn’t hold it anymore. She came hard, her mind full of images at his words, pleasure turning her inside out until she could nothing more than tremble against his strong body. 

“Naughty little girl. Coming without permission.” She barely heard the words as she floated in the euphoria of release. “But I do believe she likes the idea, Tony.” 

“I do believe you’re right, brother.” 

Panic tried to make a half-hearted attempt to raise its head but she was too out of it to do more than open her eyes to see for herself that he was in the room. Standing with his back to the door, Tony reached behind him to twist the lock, a stern expression on his face. Looking from one brother to the other, her clit throbbed. She’d never dreamed that she could have both. 

“Did you lock the front door?” Diego asked as he slid his hand back inside her panties, fingering her opening. 

“Yeah, even flipped the closed sign on. “ Tony moved closer to where Diego held her, before propping his hands on his slim hips. “So what’s this I hear, you’re being naughty again, Penelope?” 

“I…” She licked her lips, moaning softly as Diego pressed hard against a rough patch inside of her, stroking over a spot that made her want to come again. “…I was…just…” 

“Playing with herself again, while watching you lug tires, bro.” Diego offered, thrusting his fingers faster. 

Tony shook his head. “I told you she was trouble, D. She uses us as her eye candy to get her rocks off, and doesn’t care if she’s nice and cool and we’re sweating our nuts off.” 

“I know you did…” Diego nipped her shoulder once more, the brief pain sending her higher. “…I just didn’t think we catch her this fast.” He pulled away from her, his hands leaving her body. She cried out in protest, but then his words registered on her lust-hazed mind. 

“You were trying to catch me…” 

“Of course. You didn’t think I’d be satisfied with just once did you? I was just waiting for you to be bad again…” Tony’s hands went to his belt, unbuckling it, his voice dark. “Now assume the position.”  

“I…you can’t honestly expect me to bend over and just let you spank me…” She swayed to keep from obeying. 

“Yes, I do.” Tony slipped the belt free from the loops of his pants. He stopped mere inches from her. Close enough for her to breathe him in, but far enough back she could still see the belt dangling from his fingers. In fact, she couldn’t look away from it. Would he use it on her? Her pussy gushed at the thought and she trembled with need even as the thought aroused her. Was she ready for this? 

“Look at me.” The command was surprisingly gentle as his hands wrapped around her upper arms. When she finally lifted her eyes, she saw lust tempered by love in his gaze. “We won’t hurt you, baby. You know that right? If it ever gets to be too much tell us.” 

She nodded. “I just wasn’t expecting it this soon. I thought I’d have time…” 

A grin crossed his face. “You knew the deal…” Tony brushed a finger over her nipple. “…knew what was going to happen if you misbehaved…that I would punish you again. You just weren’t expecting to get caught so quickly….” Palming her breast, he leaned over and took the peak into his mouth, sucking hard – his cheeks hollowing with each draw. She squirmed as it sent a fresh flood of lust to her groin. He was right, she’d agreed to this. There was nothing to be scared of –these men loved her. 

“Tony!” She ran her fingers through his hair, her back arching as she caught a glimpse of Diego stripping out of his clothing from the corner of her eye. 

“Hmmm….” Releasing her captive flesh, Tony straightened, his eyes flaring as he crossed his arms over his chest. “But enough of that. You may be delicious, but it’s still not going to save you.” 

She wet her lips. “I….what do you want me to do…” 

Tony smiled at her. “Over the desk, baby.” 

Moving to the desk she laid down across it gingerly. “Like this?” 

“Mmmm-hmmmm.” His hand squeezed on ass cheek before lightly patting it. “You’re going to be a good little girl and suck Diego while I warm this tush, and then when I’m done, both of us are going to fill you til you can’t take anymore…” 

“Yes, Sir.” She moaned softly as Diego’s cock brushed her lips. 

“Suck me…” His eyes nearly identical to Tony’s stared down at her. Opening wide she sucked him in as the first blow of Tony’s belt hit her denim covered ass, the sting of the belt quickly morphing into pleasure. She truly couldn’t say no to these men.

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