Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Be Or Not to Be...Published!

So yesterday, I mentioned I had some publishing goals. And I do. While I'm not a hundred percent sure, which route I'd like to go - independent or traditional publisher, I'd like to get my work out there. There are pros and cons of each venture.  Like with the traditional publishing, I get the benefits of working with not only those who are experienced in the field of editing, cover art and marketing.  With this however comes at cost. After doing some research, I've found that most e-book publishers offer around 30%-35% for their royalties. So it's definitely something I'll have to look at considering that most of the vendor sales the publisher only gets around 50%  (60%-70%  with B & N and Amazon) and then only getting a 35%  of that is frustrating.  We're talking about 52 cents to 73 cents a book for a book marked at $2.99.  Kinda of scary if as an author you're in this to make money!

However if I do choose to go the self-publishing route or independent as I found they call it, I get all of the profits from the vendor, which is nearly double what I'd get with a publisher but that also means I get all the responsibilities with self-publishing - cover art (which I'll end up begging Dakota to do), editing, someone to show me how to format and load the books to the vendors...and the list goes on and on. So while the profits may double, the work load seems to triple.  So it's something to think about, since my publishing goals for this year are to actually get published.  

So Goals: 
Find a home for or self publish - The Brother, and His Daddy

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  1. Beg Me? Aww, maybe...only if you wear...well I won't go there, Zin. But no matter what route you choose, I wish you luck.