Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Flash 52 – Week [1] – Erik’s New Year Gift

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Sitting in front of the TV, Erik shifted as the warm body next to him bounced excitedly. As the huge orb in Times Square began to make its decent, his sister Sara – well, older adopted sister if he was being honest, was shouting. Surging off the couch, he moved out reach. He wouldn’t be able to make it if she did the same thing as last year. His desire for her had almost overwhelmed him, and would’ve if it hadn’t been for his best friend ‘accidently’ spilling his beer all over Erik and the couch he and Sara been sitting on. 

“Five…four…three…two…one! Happy New Year, Erik!” Sara jumped up, joining him, her blonde hair swaying as she launched herself at him, and pressed her full ruby-red lips to his. Hissing in surprise, he tried to leave room between their bodies but as Auld Lang Syne poured out of the surround sound, Sara basically climbed him like a tree. Until he was uber-aware of Sara’s nubile body pressed against ever inch of his. 

When she tried to force her tongue into his mouth, he jerked, not from the sweet wine coolers she’d been consuming beforehand but in a futile effort to keep from taking what he wanted. When Sara finally realized he wasn’t going to open his mouth for her, the little sneak freed one arm and squeezed his nose shut, blocking off all the air. Surprise and the need to breathe had his lips parting like the pearly gates on judgment day. 

As her tongue rubbed over his, she growled into his mouth and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. Sensation after sensation built as they kissed until he was stumbling towards the couch in search of flat surface. Gone where his objections. Taking her down to the couch, he covered her body with his, rocking his aching cock against her mound. He was beyond being reasonable, ethical or what every the hell you wanted to call it. He needed her and was tired of fighting his forbidden attraction. 

Inspiration for Week 1 - New Year's Eve in Times Square
When their mouths finally parted, both were panting. Rising up enough to look at her, he licked his lips, taking in her flushed faced. “We shouldn’t do this…” He had to offer her away out, because he couldn’t stop by himself. “…if you don’t want this…tell me now.” 

Her hazel eyes were glazed. “You fool; I’ve been lusting after you since I moved in with you last year.” She reached up and pinched his nipples through his t-shirt. “Did you honestly think I was walking around in skimpy shorts and shirts because I was hot?” She drove her fingers into his hair even as she rocked up into him. “Well, I was hot…for you.” 

“You were?” He croaked, sweat beading on his brow. He’d never realized that the attraction had been mutual. 

“Yes.” She gave him a naughty smile. “Now you have two choices, Erik. Either fuck me with that nice hard cock I feel pressing against me…or I’m going to go out to the nearest bar, find a guy who will, and bring him home.” Her breathing grew raspy. “Unless of course, that’s what you want? To listen to some strange man bang your sister’s brains out while you jerk off?” 

Possessiveness like he’d never felt before washed over him even as her words stirred his lust. Pinning her hands above her head, he leaned in and nipped her lip. “Like hell you will. If you need a stiff cock, I’ve got one for you.” He ground against her, loving the way her eyes closed and her head tipped back as she moaned. “There isn’t a chance in hell, I’m going to let you go out and pick up some stranger to fuck in my home.” 

“Good…” her breasts rose under the thin silk blouse she wore. “…then you do it. Fuck me.” 

Grunting he sat up, ignoring her cry of distress, as he shed his clothing. Where they ended up, he didn’t care. When he was down to his boxers, he grasped the waist band of her skirt and jerked it down over her rounded hips. At the same time, she jerked his underwear freeing his cock. As her hand wrapped around him, the sound of the fabric renting filled the air. Her grasp felt heavenly, and torn clothing did little to deter him. He’d replace whatever was ripped later. Right now he wanted her naked.  

“Lift.” He ordered, taking the skirt and her panties down. As her bare mound came into view, he licked his lips, suddenly hungry. “Fuck….I gotta taste.” Hooking her legs over the crook of his arms, he jerked her up. 

“Eric!” She cried out as he covered her muff with his mouth. Delving deep, he growled as her tart flavor exploded over his tongue. Holding tight to her thighs he stayed with her as she squirmed under his oral assault. “Oh shit, I’m gonna…. “ She began to babble and if he hadn’t been so busy lapping up her creamy essence, he would’ve smiled, but instead he focused on the hard kernel of her clit. Drilling the tip of his tongue against it, he sent her over the edge. 

“Ahhhhh!” She shook in his arms, more cream spilling from her. Straightening, he brought her down, straight onto his cock. His head tipped back as her wet heat surrounded him. 

“Son of a bitch!” 

“Fuck me, Erik, please!” Her plea wasn’t lost on him. It sent a flick of fire up his spine and he began to move. 

“Tight little pussy…” Lowering his head, he took in the sight of her under him – her blouse up around her neck, bra shoved aside as she squeezed and tugged at her own nipples, her long legs wrapped around him as the prettiest little pussy that he’d ever seen clung to him. 

“Stop fucking around and screw me like you mean it.” She tightened her legs around his waist. If someone had asked him earlier about how he’d ring in the New Year…fucking his sister until she squealed wouldn’t have been his answer. Nope this definitely was the best New Year ever. 

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