Monday, January 14, 2013

Hard, hot and satisfying....

Hey get your mind out the gutter.  There's only room for one of us down here at a time.  I'm not talking about some smexy man. I'm talking about flash fiction, but I bet you were thinking I was talking about something else didn't you?   

So lets go with the first part...

HARD...and damn if it's not. Writing something concise is much harder than writing something that's wordy. It's always hard to trim extra unneeded words from my work. In fact, my beta, Dakota is constantly sending my stuff back to me with all kinds of little notes in the margins about "you just said that in a different way" or "you're repeating yourself again Zin."  So writing flash is a challenge and it's hard.

HOT...well, duh! I write erotic taboo, of course it's going to be hot. Sexy bodies rubbing against one another until some one is in a dire need of shower.  But this is something that all flash has in common. It's set up to tantalize your libido. If it wasn't, it wouldn't sell tons of books

and SATISFYING...all flash should have this quality. It is set up to satisfy a specific need. Whether it's a little solo fun or as a tool to spice up your relationship, flash pieces can put the zip back into anyone who has the slightest bit of imagination. 

So how would you describe Flash Fiction? 

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