Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Flash 52 [3] - Posing for Brother

Standing behind the easel with brush in hand, Tim sighed as Tabitha shifted again. He knew he should be thanking the stars that his step-sister had agreed to sitting for him, but instead he wanted to strangle her. This art project for his college art class would cinch up his grade if he got an “A” or a “B” on it. But he wanted that “A”. “Dammit, Tabby, you’re not making this easy for me.” He growled, setting aside his brush, leaving the nearly finished painting of a winged horse and woman to rearrange his sister’s arms once again. All he had left to do was paint in the folds of the gown around her arms, but she kept moving, causing the material to shift. 

Looking up at him, her ruby red lips pursed. “I’ve been standing like this for hours, Tim. When are we gonna be done?” 

Rearranging the diaphanous folds around her shoulders, he rearranged her arms to the position he’d wanted. “Look, I’m almost done, or I will be as soon as you sit your ADD ass still.” 

Her small elfin nose flared. “Did you just call me ADD?” Her eyes narrowed. “I’ll have you know I’m perfectly fucking normal. It’s you that’s not normal! Expecting me to stand here for hours!” She placed her hands on her hips. He wanted to scream as the sleeves of the gown once more fell out of place. 

Striving for patience, he met her furious gaze. “I’m almost done. Give me thirty more minutes and your obligation will be over.” He soothed the material back into place after straightening her arms once more with a jerk. “And there is nothing out of the ordinary for a model to sit for several hours while an artist paints. This isn’t a photograph that I can just press a button and we’re done.” 

A red flush filled her face, and he was suddenly glad he’d already finished the face of portion of the painting. It would be a bitch to try to get Tabby to relax again. He was just sitting back down behind the easel when she screamed. “I’m not one of your fucking models, Timothy Anderson! I’m a flesh and blood woman, not some damned statue.” She bent over, removed her shoe and flung it at him. 

Ducking he scowled. “What the hell are you doing?” 

“Getting my point across. Not only aren’t you paying me, I don’t even get the fringe benefits that comes from being one of your models.” She laughed sarcastically. “Don’t think for a moment I haven’t heard the sounds, the moans and groans coming from this room during one of your “sittings”. You fuck your models as a reward for their standing on their heads or whatever it is your little artist’s heart decides upon.” 

He flushed, it was true but it sounded horrible with the way she put it. “They aren’t my sister. I’m a hot blooded man, and I’ve never forced them, Tabby.” 

“I know.” Her expression softened for a moment. “But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t piss me off knowing at the end of this all I’m going to get is a peck on the forehead and a thanks Tabby for my effort.” She kicked off the other shoe, sending it flying towards him. “And I’m done. No peck is worth this…” 

Panicking at the thought of her leaving, he blurted the first thing that came to his mind. “I’ll take you to dinner…come on Sis, you can’t leave me like this….” 

She shook her head, a pout on her lips. “No. A simple meal isn’t going to do it. Either you pay me the same way you do your other models or I’m out of here.” 

Shock rolled through him, even as his cock hardened behind his zipper. Surely she couldn’t be asking for what he thought she was. “I….you’re my sister – “

“Step-sister,” she corrected.

“…I can’t fuck you…” His mind was suddenly full of images of ripping off the gown and bending her over the table in the corner like he had Karen, his last model. In fact, it had been Tabby's image he’d seen as he’d rode the blonde model. 

“…yes, you can and will, if you want to finish your painting.” She crossed her arms over her chest. “In fact, I’m going to demand payment up front or I’m leaving now.” 

Frantic despite his hard cock, he had to talk some sense into her. Her dad would kill him if he found out that Tim had fucked his darling little girl. And he respected the man too much to give into his base lust. “Aw come, on…your dad will kill me, if he found out.” 

Her gaze was frosty. “I’m a grown woman, and who says Dad will find out? I’m not asking for a lifetime commitment…yet. I just want to find out what has all those other girls in here screaming.” 

He opened his mouth to protest, to say something that would convince her but nothing came out. She scowled and finally shook her head. “I knew it. You’re too chicken shit to take what you want.” Tugging the gown off her shoulders, she allowed it puddle at her waist before shoving it past the flare of her gently rounded hips. When it pooled at her feet, he groaned as all his blood headed south. Standing in nothing more than a tiny pair of white panties, she was gorgeous. And he wanted her. 

“Fine!” Snarling he tossed down the brush he’d just picked up. Grabbing a fist full of t-shirt behind his head, he jerked his paint splattered t-shirt off. Tossing it to the floor, he unsnapped and lowered the zip on his jeans, before shoving them, along with his boxers to the floor. Kicking free of the material, he rounded the corner of the easel, scooping her up. 

“Tim!” She squealed as he tossed her on the daybed in the corner of the loft. Crawling over her, he pinned her in place with his arms on either side of her head as he bracketed her hips with his knees after tearing the tiny panties off her. “This is a one time thing, and Dad doesn’t find out. You hear?” 

She nodded, her eyes wide. 

“Good.” Slamming his mouth down on hers, he thrust his tongue inside. She moaned into his mouth as they kissed. Letting some of his weight fall on her he groaned as the hard tips of her breasts rubbed across his chest. He wanted to taste them. Ripping his mouth free of hers, he pushed her arms up to the head board. “Keep them there.” He ordered wrapping her hands around the iron spindles. Then he swooped down and tugged a nipple into his mouth, sucking hard. 

Above him, she squirmed and moaned as he lashed at the captured flesh. Releasing it with a slight pop, he moved over to the other tip, lightly nipping it with his teeth before tugging it in to curl his tongue around it like it was a savory treat. Gently squeezing her other breast with his free hand, he slid a hand between their bodies to test her readiness. He hissed as he found her wet. 

Freeing his treat, he lifted his head to look up at her. “Damn you’re wet. You really want this don’t you?” 

“Yes….please!” She moved to reach for him, but he stopped her. 

“Then you’ll get me, but my way. Now don’t move those fucking hands or I’m gonna stop.” Tim waited to see what she would do. He was an aggressive lover at best, and a dominating one at worse. Could Tabby handle it? 

“I…yes, Sir.’ She shook a bit but tightened her hands around the spindles.

Cursing his nice guy streak, he sighed. ‘You know I’m not going to hurt you, right?” 

She gave him a tumultuous smile. “I…yes, but I might hurt you if don’t fuck me…” Her eyes squeezed shut. “I’ve been aching since you asked me to pose for you.” Her cheeks pinkened. 

“You have?” He taunted as he slide his fingers through her wet folds. “I asked you last week.” 

“I know, “ she wailed. “...I need it…please.” Her blonde hair clung to her cheeks as she rocked forward impaling herself on his fingers. As the muscles tugged at the invading digits, he lost it. He had to feel her wrapped around him. 

“Then so be it.” Ignoring her protest, he pulled his hand free, hooked her knees over his shoulders, centered himself and plunged as deep as he could. A scream echoed through the room, as she bucked up, to unseat him, or get closer he wasn’t sure. His world was spinning as he was encased in living fire. “Son of a bitch…” he tossed his head back as he waited for her to adjust. 

“Fuck me! Don’t just stand there. Move….damnit.” Her voice broke as sexual hysteria washed over her. 

“Grrrr.” He growled, opening his eyes to look down at her. She was beautiful stretched out across the bed, her grip on the bars causing her back to arch and her breast to lift. Flexing his hips, he started a hard driving rhythm against her, uncaring of how it caused the bed springs to squeak. “Tight little pussy.” His chest heaved as he thrust faster. He couldn’t get deep enough, fast enough and if her rising screams were any indication neither could his sister. 

“Omg, omg…” she babbled, a flush rising on her chest. He narrowed his eyes, taking in the sight of her nearly orgasmic expression. She was ready to come, he thought. Tightening his grip on her knees, he bent them forward, hoisting her legs high in the air as he pressed her into the bedding with his weight. The new position sent him deeper as he fucked her harder. 

“Oh shit! I’m coming!” She screamed in his ear. 

“That’s it. Do it.” He rasped skating on the edge of his own orgasm. Just as she fell over the edge, he let himself go, spilling deep inside of his sister, loving the burn of his release as the pleasure buffeted him. As the pleasure racked him, he stared down into Tabby’s pleasure filled eyes, he wondered how he was going to keep this as a one time thing. She was going to be addictive as pistachios, he thought as he collapsed over her, his face in her shoulder as her legs slipped down to his sides.

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