Saturday, January 5, 2013


Happy Saturday!  This is one post I can actually write about. I have a couple of Works In Progress.  Well...more than a few but two that I've been keeping underwraps, I hope to have published later this year- but The Brother is the one I thought I'd talk about as it's the closest to being complete.  

The Brother is a book that I started last fall which features a very unique couple. When the hero,Anthony, jumped into my head, I just had to find an equally stubborn woman for him.  And I did with Zhenya.  Anthony may live by a moralistic code, but his baby sister knows him better than anyone else.  Of course I love the friction between the two as it's a one upmanship to see who's going to give up or given in first.   Below is the blurb for The Brother and small snippet from it.


Anthony, an upstanding guy, only wants to do the right thing.  Which means he can't have the woman that he wants., his seductive younger sister. Running off to college seemed to be like a good plan but he never factored in Zhenya. The little orphaned girl his parents adopted after he was born doesn't agree with his off hands policy.  She is ready to show him how taking her is everything but wrong, and isn't above using the untimely death of their parents as away to sneak by his defenses.  Is right? No, but desperation and love will cause even the most morale girl to play dirty.

Grabbing his suitcase as it ran by him on the conveyor belt, Anthony rolled his shoulders. The flight back home had been fraught with one delay after another. He’d originally told Zenia that he’d be arriving at seven eighteen but his hour layover at O’Hare had turned into nearly three when the plane he was scheduled to fly on, had some kind of equipment failure. But that hadn’t been the beginning of his problems. An asshole of a security guard in Boston had gone through his bag and somehow managed to break the small bottle of aftershave he’d tucked into his toiletry bag. Now his entire bag reeked of Stetson cologne. The only thing he needed now was for Zenia to have gone home and make his miserable day complete.

Scanning the crowd as he entered the waiting area of Eastern Iowa Airport, he could only pray that she hadn’t gotten frustrated and left. Or worse fell asleep and been mugged. Not that he needed to worry about that in a place like Cedar Rapids, but he’d been in the big city too long to not be concerned.

“Tony!” His arms were suddenly full of the dark haired slender waif as she threw herself into his arms.

“Whoa…” His arm automatically wrapped around her even as her light floral scent teased his nose. He gathered her close as she tried to press kisses all over his face. Not overly tall himself, she only came up to his chin and her slender curves were tempting. As usual he reacted to her closeness. “Hello, sprite.” He gently eased her back from him, trying to ignore the way his body throbbed in protest.

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