Thursday, January 3, 2013

Marketing Goals?

Happy Thursday everyone.  It's been a struggle but so far I've managed to stick to my New Year's Resolution and blog everyday.  But...hmmmm, today's post has me a little stumped. It's supposed to be about my marketing goals.  I am thoroughly lost  as to to what to set.  I'm no genius when it comes to marketing - in fact what I know about the subject could fit into a thimble.  Does it have to do with  social media? I've heard yes.  But I guess that what I'm thinking of all has to do with promo.  

Since I've not gotten my first book published yet, this is something that I'm going to have to learn as I go. To help further this goal, I've picked up a book called, "Pimp Yourself: Easy, Painless, and Cheap Self-Promotion for Writers" by Tymber Dalton. Not only is she witty and a riot to read, she actually has some down to earth strategies that I can actually use.  So my that's going to be my marketing goal for this month at least.   Have a great Thursday!


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