Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flash 52 [2] – A Sister’s Longing

Biting her lip, Sharon’s heart was breaking. In front of her was her brother and that skank Roberta he’d just married. Lying in the sand, in her bikini top and white veil in deference to their Hawaiian wedding, the bitch was cradling Drew’s head on her lap, giggling at something he said as if Sharon hadn’t just caught the new bride less than an hour ago banging her step-brother’s best man in the bathroom. The bitch doesn’t even deserve to wear white, not when we both know the little slut has been putting out for every man except for Drew. 

Around her the rest of the family frolicked on the beach, the kids splashing in the surf, while mothers kept an eye on the little ones and the men played volleyball kicking up the sand. It was the perfect picture of idyllic fun. She should be enjoying herself as any twenty-one year old single girl was doing but instead she was sitting under a palm tree, nearly in tears because she was so jealous of what Roberta had. It doesn’t matter that she doesn’t appreciate was she has. Drew loves her and I’m nothing more than his pesky little step-sister. 

Drew’s deep laugh carried across the sand before he rolled to his feet and offered a hand to his blushing young bride. Suddenly she could no longer sit and watch them. Rising unsteadily to her feet in the soft sand, she nearly teetered in her heels. 

“Whoa.” Brian, Drew’s best man suddenly appeared beside her, his khaki shorts neatly pressed and his tank once more covering his chest. Not like the last time I saw him with Roberta wrapped around him as he fucked her into the wall. He shot her a warm smile as his eyes ran up and down her form. “Careful there, Sharon. Can’t have Drew’s favorite girl breaking her ankle… why don’t you join me tonight for the buffet?” He leered down at her. “I’m sure Drew will be busy with Roberta. We can take this chance to get to know each other better…” 

Suddenly queasy from his lecherous grin, she shook her head before claiming fatigue. There was only one man she wanted and it wasn’t him. Escaping back up the path to the hotel, she brushed away a tear. This was the worse day of her life. Not only had Drew married the wrong girl, the asshole who’d just cuckolded him had just made a pass at her. 

* * * * 

“Aw, come on, Bobbi – don’t be that way...” Drew’s voice pleaded through the wall. “I didn’t say Shar was prettier than you…just that she looked really nice today…” 

The sound of rising voices had Sharon setting down her Kindle. The steamy story about a sister and brother giving into their mutual need inside of a barn had nothing on the sound of Drew pleading with his new bride. Whoever was the genius that placed her room next to the bridal suite needed to be shot. She was just reaching for her ear buds, when the door slammed. 

“Dammit, Roberta, I don’t find this funny.” The sound of him knocking drifted her way. “Open the fucking door.” 

Through the wall Sharon heard Bobbi tell Drew to go screw himself. Her heart plummeted even as her anger rose. That bitch actually locked him out of their room? On their wedding night? Slipping off the bed, she tiptoed over to the door. If she went to him, Drew would realize she’d heard everything. If she didn’t, Lord only knew how long he’d stand in the hall. Before she could decide the decision was taken out of her hands. There was a soft knock. Pulling the door open she took in the haggard expression on Drew’s face. 

“Hi.” He shifted a bit. “Bet you heard everything?” When she gave a soft nod, he sighed, his shoulders slumping. “Can I stay here tonight, Shar? She’s not going to let me back in and I’ll die if Mom and Dad…” 

She stepped back, pulling him inside by his hand. “Don’t...” Shutting the door behind him, she leaned against it. “You don’t have to explain to me, Drew.” She gave him a soft smile, wanting to ease his discomfort. 

“You’re the best, Sis.” He gave her a one armed hug. 

“You take the right side, Drew.” She gestured towards the bed, as she shut off the overhead lights, leaving only the bedside light on. 

* * * * 

Later that night, Sharon continued to stare up at the ceiling, listening to Drew’s even breathing. It reminded her of the times when they gone camping together. She was wound tight, her body humming with arousal. Not only could she feel the heat radiating off his tall athletic body, his spicy aftershave filled her nose every time she breathed in. His palm felt warm against hers from where their hands were joined. She wanted to stay like this forever but knew before long the dawn would be streaking the sky pink and a new day would begin. If she was smart she’d close her eyes and quit staring at him. His rugged profile even in slumber was breathtaking. Eventually however, her eyes got heavy and she started drifting away. 

“Baby?” The low groan in her ear in her ear jerked her awake, only to find herself pressed tight against him. “You’re here…” His arm tightened around her as his mouth skimmed over her shoulder. “Taste so beautiful today…” He rocked against her, his erection throbbing against her panties. She gasped, lust wrapping around her. “Been waiting so long…please…” 

His plea had her freezing. Her eyes stung. He thought she was Bobbi. She should stop him. When his fingers slipped under her top to toy with her nipples, her brain tried to shut down. She wanted him, but it was wrong. “Drew…” she protested as sensation shot to her womb. 

“Hmmm…tight little nipples…” He suddenly rolled her over. She sank into the glittering depths of his green eyes. “…I want them, Shar….” He tugged at the shirt tail, pulling it up to expose her mid-drift. “I want to suck them...say yes. Please Baby.” 

She swallowed hard. There were so many reasons she shouldn’t. But she couldn’t deny him, not like Bobbi had. Nodding, a startled cry left her when he swooped in his tongue, teeth and lips tugging on her sensitive peaks. His hand plunged inside her panties, his fingers gentle but assertive as he explored her folds. Grabbing the pillow next to her she shoved it in her mouth to muffle her cries. She’d never felt anything so hot in her life. Untried her body struggled to accept his fingers. 

“Shit, you’re wet.” Pulling the pillow away, Drew tossed it the side as he levered over her. “I want you…” his eyes slid closed. “I…need…” 

She brushed her fingers over his jaw, needing to give to him. “It’s yours, Drew, always.” 

A low groan ripped free of him. His fingers shoved her panties aside and something wet and broad pressed against her opening. She muffled her cry when he flexed his hips and buried himself inside of her. Pain washed over her with the tearing of her innocence. He froze above her, pulling back to look into her face. 


“Yours,” she repeated, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. A low whimper was buried against his chest as he sank deeper. 

“Damnit. I won’t hurt you.” She panicked as he lifted, assuming he was leaving. “Shh, relax for me.” His thumb found her clit, rubbing in slow circles. The pain immediately vanished. She bite her lip lifting into him, rocking against his knowing touch. “No don’t hide from me. I want to hear…” 

“But…Bobbi….” Her eyes darted towards the wall. 

“Can go fuck herself.” He groaned, thrusting gently in time to his thumb. “I want you to scream when you come for me, Shar.” 

“I…okay…” she agreed, the coil inside of her tightening as he moved a bit faster. The head board banged against the wall, but she didn’t care. The pleasure was building. 

“Fuck, so good.” Drew panted, his chest heaving against her tight nipples. 

Sparks spread as her peak grew close. “Ohhhh, I’m going to….” She tossed her head. 

“Yeah, come for me. Come all over that hard cock.” His voice was tight, his hips now pounding against hers, his thumb never still. “Come so I can fill your little pussy full….” His promise gritted out between his clenched teeth did it. She flew over the edge with a scream, sharp almost painful pleasure consumed her until she was digging her short nails into his shoulders. “Damnit!” His curse was groaned against her lips, his hips jerking erratically as he spilled inside of her. She could do nothing but cling to him as he shook through his own pleasure. 

When it was finally over he collapsed over her. Keeping her arms and legs around him, she rubbed his back, comforting him and never wanting it to end. Even though she knew he’d be going back to his wife. “I...won’t tell.” She whispered softly. “It’ll be our secret…Bobbi won’t ever know…” 

Above her, he stiffened and lifted his head to meet her eyes. “Let me deal with Bobbi. She was a mistake. A stand in for who I really wanted. I realized that tonight after she kicked me out.” 

Hope bloomed in her chest. “Then who do you want?” 

His eyes darkened. “You and don’t even think of trying to ditch me.” He rubbed his nose to hers. 

“But what about Mom and Dad…” 

He sighed. “Let me deal with them.” 

She nodded. “Okay.” 

He smiled at her. “That’s my girl…” He pressed her fingers to his mouth. “Love you Shar, you and no one else.”

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