Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cover Reveal: A Flash of Taboo

So when I posted last I had passed out on the floor in the excitement. Since then I've been a very busy person, finding out about cover art and all that stuff.  But here is the cover for my first published book,  A Flash of Taboo


A brother and his adopted sister, an older sister and her younger step-brother, a older brother and his step-sister - anyway you cut it it's sibling lust. Come join Zin as she explores these fantasies in a series of flash straight off her blog. Meet Erik who's sister wants to welcome in the New Year in spectacular fashion. Or how about Sharon who's been swept away to Hawaii to witness her brother's marriage only to have him end up in her bed on his wedding night. And we can't forget the desperate artist who asks his younger sister to pose, never guessing the price, or Penelope, the younger sister who likes to spy on her big brothers with disastrous results. So take a peek, walk on the dark side with Zin. She might just tempt you.

Special feature: Unseen serial piece called The Farm: A Family Tradition, Part One. ( A Tale of Family Lust.)

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