Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Kicking Butts!.

It's hump day, it' hump day. That means it's getting closer to the weekend. We're half way there right? So what am I doing on Wednesday night?  I'm sitting curled up on the couch...with laptop in hand watching the Food Network Channel.  Can I cook? Hell-no...I scorch water without trying - just ask my sister,  but I love watching Robert Irvin's Restaurant Impossible and Willie Degal's Restaurant Stakeout.  Why? Because they both kick butts and take names later.  That and I'm in the service industry and wish at times that someone would do what Robert and Willie do. 

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Let me give you a quick rundown of what they do. Last week Robert went to the Whiskey Creek Steak House. He in essence revamped a dark drabby steak house, gave it a mores sophisticated look, and put in place procedures which would help with expensive cost issues. During the progress of the show, he realized that someone was stealing from the couple who couldn't be in the restaurant twenty-four seven.  In the end however, the revamp was completed and the Whiskey Creek ended up with a great service and according to the website, are still climbing steadily back into the green.  It did give me a good feeling to see that.   

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Then after Robert's show came on the episode "What's with these people" he helped an owner of  Pita Grill in Hoboken, N.J.   Because of the unruly staff, Nick, one of the co-owners, called in Willie.  I watched in horror as I actually witnessed one of the "waiters" engage in a wrestling match straight out of the WWE with a customer.  I cheered when the owner fired him and Willie put the fool in his place.

While I love watching the drama on both of these shows what I enjoy even more is the follow up visit. That's when the show goes back six to eight weeks later or I can go on line to see how the people Robert and Willie helped are faring now.  I guess I just love to see good people succeed.  

Okay see you all tomorrow...where we're all one day closer to Friday!  Now I'm off to see what the rest of the bloggers picked as their favorite shows....I have a sneaky suspicion Dakota's is going to have something to do with Criminal Minds.  She has an uber crush on Shemar Moore - not that I can blame her. :) 

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