Thursday, January 10, 2013

It's a Family Tradition...

Now either you're humming the Hank Williams Jr song or your minds just went to the gutter. With me writing what I write, of course we all know where my brain just went.  It took a turn to the south. But I'll prevail to rein in that inner minx and actually talk about what I think Kharimsa must've had in mind. Regardless of what you write, what lifestyle you live in now, or even if you think you're just the normal  every day housewife (or husband) we all grew up with traditions.  Like the one I mentioned earlier in the week when I spoke about going sledding with my sister and dad.  It might not seem like a whole lot at the time. But just let me tell you, once you don't do it, then you'll get the..."we always do that..."  

My family is no exception. I mentioned I don't cook - so there's no favored traditions cooking miraculous treats for my family.  I don't do the kitchen thing. In fact if the fridge which holds my cold pepsi wasn't in there, I wouldn't probably ever venture in there. *shudders* That room is cursed I swear. The stove laughs at me and microwave mocks me. Both knowing that while I might know how to operate one to mediocre success - the other is way beyond my league.  (Thank god for microwave dinners - actually Marie Callender has some pretty good ones.)   Now however that's not saying one of my favorite things to do when my sister comes done is too run into the kitchen and swipe food while she's cooking.   

In fact, my nephews have made a joke out of it.  "There goes Auntie again. Mom's gonna smack her fingers for stealing..."  And you fill in the blank.  My little thieving ways in the kitchen have become a tradition at every family gathering. It's too the point that my sister, mom and even my grams will point to the door with  their wooden spoons and order me out with a "we know you're not in here to help cook. You can wait just like the rest of em."    Busted - I slink off and wait for my next opportunity to sneak a bite. 

So what family traditions do you have? 

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